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CW to air the Final episodes of Supernatural this fall

According to the CW, the network plans to wrap up the show’s final season this fall
Picture courtesy: EW

CW had officially released its fall schedule to the viewers, with one significant exception every other show was pushed to January 2021. Except Supernatural every other super hit show was pushed to January 2021. The pandemic Covid-19 had shown its impact on the tv industry as many shows witnessed the abrupt ending in finale premiers. Starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in the lead roles as Demon hunting brothers, Supernatural which is currently in its final season too faced the heat as it left with seven episodes which had to be aired. The filming which was taking place in Vancouver was stopped due to the alarming pandemic situation. The team had yet to shoot the final episode of the series. The official airing is will be announced in the coming days, once they complete the shooting.

After completion pf supernatural Jared Padalecki to star in series Walker for CW
Jared to Star in Walker Reboot after Supernatural

After the completion of the Supernatural, Jared Padalecki then moves to film his new CW series Walker. The CW network also announced other shows like DC Swampthing, Superman & Lois in its schedule.

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