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"Gal Gadot Teases Red Notice 2 and says the sequel is definitely still happening

During the thrilling fan event TUDUM, Netflix sat down with the formidable trio of Gal Gadot (the iconic Wonder Woman), Jamie Dornan (star of the Fifty Shades Trilogy), and Alia Bhatt (featuring in RRR) to delve into their upcoming action extravaganza, Heart of Stone. But that's not all—Gadot also revealed tantalizing details about her involvement in another adrenaline-pumping project, Red Notice 2, which received the green light from the streaming platform in January 2022.

Although we hadn't received any updates on the sequels since October 2022, it seems the gears are finally turning. Gadot confidently announced that she now holds the script for Red Notice 2, setting the stage for what could be an imminent start to filming.

“We're all talking about it. I don't know if I can say anything! I already read the second script and it’s… whoo! We're all very excited about it!" exclaimed Gadot.

Red Notice 2 reunites Gadot and the charismatic Ryan Reynolds as a dynamic duo of gifted con artists and art thieves, traversing the globe in search of priceless treasures to pilfer and profit from. Dwayne Johnson will reprise his role as the relentless FBI agent determined to keep these cunning criminals in check. In fact, last year, Red Notice producers Beau Flynn and Hiram Garcia expressed their aspirations for back-to-back filming of Red Notice 2 and Red Notice 3, streamlining the production process. However, this ambitious plan may affect both films' release dates, leaving us eagerly anticipating further updates.

The original Red Notice took Netflix by storm, becoming an unexpected sensation upon its premiere. On its release date, it swiftly claimed the title of the most-watched movie and secured a spot among the Top 10 Netflix titles in an astonishing 94 countries. This astounding success prompted the streaming giant to order not one, but two thrilling sequels.

While Netflix has yet to disclose specific details such as the filming schedule and anticipated release date for the Red Notice sequels, fans can rest assured that the anticipation surrounding these action-packed movies continues to mount. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates that will ignite the excitement.

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