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5 Must Watch Recent Hollywood Movies According to ChatGPT

Over the past few months, ChatGPT has been a phenomenon in the global digital arena. ChatGPT is a large language model trained by OpenAI, based on the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture. It is designed to generate human-like responses to text-based inputs, which are used to converse with the user, answer questions, and provide information on a wide range of topics. So I asked ChatGPT to suggest me 5 must-watch Hollywood movies in recent times. And it generated the following list of movies

  1. "Parasite" (2019):

Directed by Bong Joon-ho, "Parasite" is a thriller that explores the theme of social class in South Korea. The movie follows the story of a poor family who infiltrates the lives of a wealthy family in a twisted plot that leads to unexpected consequences. With a masterful blend of suspense, humor, and social commentary. Widely acclaimed as a modern masterpiece of cinema, Parasite has won four Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay.

2. "Joker" (2019):

Directed by Todd Phillips, "Joker" is a character study of the iconic DC Comics villain, played brilliantly by Joaquin Phoenix. It tells the origin story of the iconic DC Comics villain as the movie follows the journey of Arthur Fleck, a failed comedian who descends into madness and becomes the criminal mastermind known as the Joker. The film explores themes of mental illness, social inequality, and the human condition. "Joker" was a critical and commercial success, earning Joaquin Phoenix the Academy Award for Best Actor and becoming the first R-rated film to gross over $1 billion at the box office.

3. "1917" (2019):

Directed by Sam Mendes, "1917" is a war film that tells the story of two soldiers on a dangerous mission during World War I. The movie is shot in a unique, single-take style that immerses viewers in the action and creates a sense of urgency and realism. With stunning cinematography, intense battle scenes, and a powerful emotional core, "1917" has been widely praised as a cinematic triumph and won three Academy Awards, including Best Cinematography, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Visual Effects.

4. "La La Land" (2016):

Directed by Damien Chazelle, "La La Land" is a musical romantic comedy-drama that follows the lives of a jazz pianist and an aspiring actress in Los Angeles. The movie pays homage to classic Hollywood musicals of the past while also offering a fresh and modern take on the genre. With charming performances by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, catchy songs, dazzling choreography, and stunning visuals, "La La Land" was a critical and commercial success, winning six Academy Awards, including Best Director, Best Actress for Stone, and Best Original Score.

5. "Mad Max: Fury Road" (2015):

Directed by George Miller, "Mad Max: Fury Road" is a post-apocalyptic action film that follows Max (Tom Hardy) and Furiosa (Charlize Theron) as they try to escape a dangerous cult leader in a desert wasteland. The movie won six Oscars, including Best Costume Design, Best Production Design, and Best Film Editing.

How did you feel about these suggestions from ChatGPT, did you like it or not. Comment down your responses and also your own list of movies to watch.


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