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Jessica Parker Kennedy excels as 'Nora' in Season 5 Premiere of The Flash

Warning : Potential Spoilers Ahead.

Star Cast :

Regular - Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Jesse L. Martin.

Guest - Jessica Parker Kennedy.

Direction : David McWhirte.

After a mediocre cliffhanger at the end of Season 4, The Flash is back with an exciting and fun-filled season premiere. Taking a cue from the previous season's light-hearted and one to one conversations, 'Nora' (well the name itself implies about whom this episode is all about) is definitely a distinctive way to kick-start a season.

Starts with the scene, where Nora reveals her identity as Barry and Iris's daughter from the future, we were quickly interrupted by Cisco's quirky dialogue about the refill. It was shot in an ideal way to get everyone involved in the ongoing situation. From Barry's uncertain and confused reactions to Nora's antics to Cisco's post break up difficulties everything was perfectly balanced. This episode also showcased the most matured conversation between Barry and Iris regarding their adult daughter.

In case of the direction and writing departments, they have done a pretty good job. Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora is fantastic, the way she played her character reminds me Grant in season one. The scene of Ralph Dibny's character tries to explain about the time travel and multiverse made me laugh out loud a few times over his ignorance.

Liked :

1. Barry-Iris-Nora thread,

2. Drunk Cisco,

3. Ralph and Many verses,

4. Barry's new comic accurate Suit.

Disliked :

1. same old treatment to villain just like Thinker,

2. Caitlin's Killerfrost storyline got sidelined.

After a fairly decent fourth season, Team Flash continue its victory march with the season 5 premiere, introducing another non-speedster baddy for the second time is expected to yield good response. On the flip side, Caitlin's Killer Frost origin got sidelined. Hopefully, her origin story will be explained in the forthcoming episodes.

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