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The Flash Season 4 Episode 22 "Think Fast" Review

Warning : Potential Spoilers Ahead.

Star Cast :

Regular - Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Jesse L. Martin, and Tom Cavanagh.

Guest - Neil Sandilands, Kim Engelbrecht.

Direction : Viet Nguyen.

After a fun-filled episode of Harry and Harrisons, Team Flash once again came face to face with Devoe as he was about to move his final step towards Enlightenment.

This time he uses a familiar face in order to gain the grip over the final Bus meta. DeVoe shapeshifts as Diggle to sneak into A.R.G.U.S. “Castle” and make Fallout to serve him as a nuclear battery to power up all five of his satellites. Barry and his friends workout on a theory about the Flash time in order to save the hostages from Thinker. He trains Cisco and Caitlin to be with him in Flash time. Meanwhile, Iris and Harry team up to find the location of Marlize and tracked her down in an old flat in England. The episode ends with Devoe launching his satellites with the help of Gideon.

Neil Sandilands once again proved that he was the best in this season in the opening fight scene. Kudos to the action choreography which made it memorable action episode of the season. The interesting reveal about Caitlin and Killer Frost gave this episode made me look forward to the finale.

After three weeks, The Flash once again delivered an episode which was a perfect one. From dumb Harry's antics to Diggle's guest appearance each and everything was well written and well shot.

Liked :

1. Barry's Flashpoint training with Cisco and Caitlin,

2. Interesting reveal about Killer Frost,

3. Daredevilish opening fight sequence,

4. Devoe taking control over Gideon.


1. The dialogues in some sequences.

2. Still no clue about the mystery girl.

Now the process of enlightenment is started on the Flash, it will be interesting how Team Barry is going to defeat Thinker and how essential is Miss Devoe's role in this mission.

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