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The Defenders Review

In Short : Better Than Daredevil series

One of the most awaited shows of 2017, Marvel-Netflix's superhero assemble THE DEFENDERS was dropped online. This superhero team up mini series joins the dots that were left out at the end of previous shows. It picks up where the Iron fist ended, and continue to show the present condition of other hero too.

So what is the condition of our heros :

1.Danny is back in New York, 2.Matt Murdock has left his daredevil behind, 3.Jessica is still drinking, 4.Luke is out of prison with the help of Foggy.

There is a twist revolving around Elektra and other Characters who were killed in previous show as they were resurrected once again. In case of chemistry Luke Cage and Danny Rand score 10/10 as they acted like they were close buddies. Dialogues and quirky one-liners works well. Jessica Jones is saussy whereas Matt Murdock in scarf look reminds me classic Iron Fist get up.

In case of villains Alexandra (played by excellent Sigourney Weaver), ends up as one of the weakest, for Marvel Shows. As far as our defenders concerned, they learned from their mistakes done by them in previous series and proved that they are here to stay.

Technically the whole canvas is filled with different colors, each hero is highlighted with one particular color. Fight Choreography is brilliant (a special mention to office fight sequence), where it doesn't look overcrowded.

Marco Ramirez who previously worked for Daredevil Season 2 is the showrunner, he did better job in this series. The Cinematography perfectly blends with the tone and Editor was pretty bad, as many scenes were either cuts fast or appear to be sloppy.

Out of 8 episodes, except the first two, all the other worked for me.

Rating : This series stands somewhere between Daredevil 2 and 1. Still i am waiting for a show which beats Jessica Jones from the first place.

For THE DEFENDERS I am going with 3.5 out of 5.

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