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Atomic Blonde Review

In One word : Charlize Theron is Lady John Wick

When you know that John Wick's Co-Director David Leitch is directing a movie with Charlize Theron you expect that it will be a kick-ass one. You will not be disappointed with this one. Charlize Theron may be eyeing for bond role, as she punches her way out in this movie.

Atomic Blonde is all about an MI6 Agent Lorraine Broughton, who is on a mission to track down a double agent in germany. James Mcavoy is her aide in this mission. Being a cold war themed spy movie Atomic Blonde shines only in few moments.

Though the Movie is hyper-stylish, sluggish and uninspiring narration is the only drawback for the movie. With a bit tighter screenplay would have made it an another John Wick. But still it is better than box office bomb Ghost in the Shell.

In terms of performance Charlize Theron carries her class act of Mad max in this too. Sofia Boutella is too hot and James Mcavoy shines in his role. As far as the technical aspects special shout out for DP Jonathan Sela for his amazing work. Locations were captured very well. Fight Choreography and it's editing is top notch as we get to see one of the best fights in recent times. Background score suits the theme of the movie. Direction could have better as some scenes were damn slow.

Verdict :

Charlize Theron continue her success streak at the BO. I am going with 3/5.

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