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PUNCH LINE : Best Adaptation for the Friendly Neighbourhood Spidey.

So, finally the moment i was waiting for has arrived, the best adaptation for spiderman. Though i am not degrading Sam Raimi and Marc Webb 's versions, but this one has that young and light approach which we used to find in comics.

Spiderman: Homecoming is all about spiderman/Peter Parker coming back to MCU (JUST KIDDING), who started to continue his journey after Civil War. Under the Mentorship of Tony Stark, who tries to balance his schooling along with his alternate superhero persona. By doing this he has become the Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman. Deviating from previous serious and grim versions this spidey is light in tone and vibrant in visuals. There is no single dull and dim moment in the whole 120 minutes.

Tom Holland is spectacular as Peter Parker and spiderman. Robert Downey jr. continues his dream run as MCU's Main posterboy Iron Man. Michael Keaton as Vulture is second best MCU villain after Loki. He has that menace oozes from his cold eyes. Jon Favreau, Jacob Batalon and Laura Harrier are adequate in their roles.However i feel that Marissa Tomei as younger Aunt May and Zendaya as MJ (Michelle) were underused (May be they are holding up for sequels).

In Technical aspects the cinematography, and Editing is Top notch. Action sequences is well choreographed and edited, especially lift crash and Ferry sequences.

The Spidey Theme music along with Marvel Theme Credits is awesome. The Direction by Cop Car’s Jon Watts is cool and Breezy. On the Flip side the Climax is appeared to hap hazardly shot which made me move uncomfortably in my seat but it is well executed.

As far as special appearances concerned you have a major iron man character returns with this film.

RATING : My Rating for Spiderman: HOMECOMING is 4/5 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

P.S : Am i the only one who missed this trailer shot in movie.

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