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5 Beautiful Random Online Stories of People that Perfectly Makes Your Fathers Day

For Every Boy/Girl their First hero is always their Father. He is their Superman, Batman and Ironman too. To Decode a father’s unconditional love to his children even a book of 1000 pages is not enough. We are sharing 5 random Stories which beautifully describes what a material a dad’s heart is made up of. Celebrate the spirit of Father's Day with these adorable stories and cherish the presence of your father in your life.

BIG SHOES TO FILL - by Theresa Arnold

I cleaned out Dad’s closet yesterday. There were two things I couldn’t box up: his work shirts and his two pairs of Red Wing boots. He couldn’t remember birthdays or anniversaries, but he remembered the date on which he’d bought his first pair. I remember it too—April 16, the day after Tax Day. What does a child do with her dad’s favorite boots? I think I will make a planter out of them or use them to store something valuable. You can’t throw away a man’s favorite boots. You’ve got to keep them and pass them down.

MY DAD - by unknown

When we moved to the United States, my father used to taught group painting classes at our home on the weekends as a Part-Time. The students were all teenagers. Though I was only around 4 or 5 years old, my father would always set up a spot for me to paint with the group so that I was included. We didn’t have very much space in the apartment, so he built me a bunk bed from scratch that had a ladder, a monkey bar, and a little workstation underneath so that I always had my own place to create.


In my younger years, I was never close to my dad. He was the type of guy that went to work, brought home the paycheck, mowed the yard, fixed stuff around the house. My Mother used to stay home with the kids, so naturally I was closer to her than I was my dad. When my mom passed away before my 14th birthday, It was tough, not just for me and not just for dad, but for “me and dad” too. A few years later my dad moved permanently from Texas to Franklin, KY, which is about a 40 minute drive from Nashville. In February 2003, I happened to be in Nashville at CRS which is a convention for country radio broadcasters and country music . I chose to make the call and he drove down to my hotel to have lunch with me. When the check came, my dad pulled out his wallet. I told him “I got this one, dad”, he said “no, no... Let me pay for it." I actually lied and told him that I had an expense account and the radio station would reimburse me for the lunch. I couldn’t believe that it actually worked, he let me pay for the tab! I wish I didn’t have to lie to him, but with him living so far away... I knew my chances of EVER paying for his lunch were pretty slim, since I didn’t see him much anymore. Little did I know, that was going to be the last time I ever saw him again. He died 5 weeks later.


At the age of 21, I went through my first major breakup. It was a total mess I drove 24 hours home to ‘heal.’ Healing to me was treating my mom like a therapist, breaking into random tears, and slumming around the house. Eventually my mom had enough and sent me over to visit my dad. My dad is a quiet man, he speaks very broken English and grew up in a world much different compared mine. I speak broken Spanish, so we’ve always had a bit of a language barrier. Through tears, I explained what happened. To my surprise, my dad burst into laughter and told me that the guy was a jerk. He offered me a beer—the first beer we’d ever had together—and assured me that the first heartbreak is always the hardest. He was right.


My dad used to own a fruit market in a busy street. The sidewalk in front of his store has a lump created with dust and trash, which was needed to be swept daily. At age six, I used to hide behind bags of potatoes when my dad asked me to sweep, but while sweeping one day, I began to find dollar bills under the dust and trash. I had no idea where the money came from. My dad had been putting money on the sidewalk—and soon, I was happy to sweep even when no money was found.

This is my short tribute to all those fathers who always there for their kids no matter what happens.

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