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NOTE : The following review is based upon visual experience and feelings that i had gone through while watching the movie.

Finally the movie which kept me waiting crazily for it from the Day of it's announcement THE MUMMY, first entry in Universal's Dark Cinematic Universe.

I liked the take off of the movie though the same flash back sequences like previous mummy movies. The intro sequence of Tom Cruise is same as all Mission impossible movies. But here as Nick Morton is a soldier by profession and a freelance raider of artifacts by virtue.

In this discovery, Nick along with Chris and accompanied by Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis) who is an archaeological expert, accidentally uncovers the tomb of evil Egyptian sorceress Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella).

Ahmanet is an Egyptian queen who was mummified alive and she is set to return and her chosen one, is Nick (WTF was that).

Tom Cruise as Nick Morton continues to perform same way he did i MI series and Jack Reacher. Russell Crowe as Henry Jekyll/ Mr.Hyde behaves like a Hulky NICK FURY. on the other hand Sofia Boutella done an excellent job as baddie Ahmanet. The way she emotes the dark and sultriness through her eyes is impeccable. I feel that Annabelle Wallis is wasted in her role as she got only little part to perform.

In Technical aspects 3D effects work is normal in comparison for other movies. Cinematography and Sound along with Back ground score compliments well on screen. Cliched VFX work might reduce the attention towards movie.

As far as direction by Alex Kurtzman is concerned it is good in parts, though we have a brilliant sequences like Plane crash, Tom cruise into chase. but climax ruins it once and for all.


1. Tom Cruise

2. Sofia Boutella

3. Location

4. Short Run Time


1. Direction

2. Boring Screenplay

3. Lazy VFX.

In the end i can say that this may not be a worst movie of Tom Cruise but it is definitely not a good introduction for the universal's DARK UNIVERSE.

My Rating : 3/5

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