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NOTE : The following review is based upon visual experience and feelings that i had gone through while watching the movie.

Finally a movie which is a true summer blockbuster has arrived. YUP, i am talking about WONDER WOMAN. Fourth movie in DC cinematic universe which is truly lives upto it's title WONDER.

This movie serves as an origin story for the Amazonian princess Diana who was appeared in BvsS. This one of the best Origin stories in recent 5 to 6 years for me. It is Captivating, Charming, and Light hearted entertainer. It is also proved that when it comes to make change in game a Female Driven product always stands out.

Wonder Woman Official Poster

Gal Gadot certainly lived in the Character of Diana, She portrayed the feelings like innocence, determination with utmost perfection, Thumbs up for her. Generally supporting characters and love interests of superheros doesn't have much to do in the film but Chris Pine as Steve Trevor doesn't play a Damsel-in-Distress kind of role here. His character rouge-ish and Charming.In Supporting roles Robin Wright shines in the role of Diana's Mentor General Antiope.

A Huge Standing Ovation for the Director Patty Jenkins for providing us the Awesome and Truly Magical worthy moments in the movie. Whether it is Lasso of Truth sequence or intimate moments between steve and diana, the way she directed the movie is excellent. When it comes to Technical team everything worked in favour for the movie this team. The World war setting, Visual effects, Cinematography these departments really stood out.


1. Gal Gadot

2. Cinematography

3. Action Sequences

4. No regular Superhero Cliches.


1. 3D effects (are such a Turnoff for me).

On the Whole Wonder Woman stood out as the Best in DC Cinematic Universe. And i hope i can see more Female initiated and driven movies.

I go with 4.5/5 for Wonder Woman

P.S : I really like the DC intro video what about you???


Weekend Collections : 80-100 million dollars (At the Domestic BO)

Week one Collections : 150 Million +

Life time World wide : 750 Million + (It is going to be second best after Batman Vs Superman).

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