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Random Ramblings About Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales

Note: This is not a regular review so i am not going to give rating for the movie.

When i first heard about the new Pirates sequel i had this sort of a feeling Does this Franchise require another sequel??? But while watching Johnny Depp once again as MAD HATTER in Alice Through Looking Glass or in LONE RANGER i realized how legendary Jack sparrow is. Particularly during that Alice sequel i wondered why these people made this movie and destroyed the response /acclaim generated for the previous one.

In case of Dead men Tell No Tales(Salazar's Revenge in some countries), i feared that even pirates franchise may fall as prey for the under performing sequels.I got the Ticket for first day 4:00pm show in 3D (Actually it is my second 3d film after Passengers). Me and my office colleagues went to watch it. I was nervous because Jack sparrow is back after 6 years n i am going to watch on big screen.

But when the screening started i forgot all these and immersed in the movie. Clapped hard for Jack sparrow intro scene and the whole bank robbery sequence. laughed hard during the wedding scene.

This is what i want from a successful franchise. It is funny, it is clapworthy and swashbuckling.

The story is a twisted version of first movie where in the place of Will Turner we get his kid Henry (Brenton Thwaites at his best) to take the Center stage. even the character of Kaya Scodelario is a modernised version for Elizabeth swann's character and it's kind-a-cool for me and the horologist scene cracked me up(#LOL, #LMAO)

The Best scene for me is the Execution scene where a guillotine almost keeps chopping Jack sparrow's head off. Javier Bardem, who portrayed the role of ghost pirate Salazar is one more reason which made me to enjoy the movie.

This movie made me to ask one more in this franchise and going on by the post credit scene Davy Jones is back.

P.S: i would like to see a standalone film like 4th one rather than continuation for this story line

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