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Random Ramblings about BAYWATCH

Note : This not a regular review but Random thoughts about the film based upon the visual experience of the movie in theatre.

Baywatch official poster

First things first Baywatch was not a good TV show. It may had run for over 10 years but for me it is not in the league of FRIENDS, SMALLVILLE and THE BIG BANG THEORY. So, why Baywatch is such a popular one because it has made an international star out of Pamela Anderson.

So, when i heard about it's reboot i was like DUDE, R U NUTS??? but slowly when i got to know we have Dwayne Johnson and Zac Effron as lead characters i thought to give it a shot.

Did I Like it????





This movie deserves a one time watch. First of all i would like to applaud for casting directors who took a bold step in casting Female antagonist for the role written for a male. Priyanka Chopra certainly performed well in her role. The Bromance between Zac and Dwayne was a treat to watch. Even the Technical values are good for that budget.

What went Wrong??

After the Success of 21 Jump Street every one started rebooting popular Tv -series into Movies but only few of them worked. Big disappointments like A-TEAM (MY FAV) too happened. Same with Baywatch too it has nothing new to offer. The same old Dick jokes, nerd bashing, and corny sequences. Direction by Seth Gordon, whose credits include Four Christmases and Horrible Bosses is mediocre. Jon Bass has done everything to become another Jonah Hill.

P.S : I am okay with Reboots and Remakes as i loved Mission Impossible, 21 Jump Street and A- Team but but for a big summer flick, Baywatch never feels satisfying.

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