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There we go after entertaining us for 8 months and 22 episodes, here the final episode of season 3 is aired. It confirms one of my worst fears and predictions.

So, Far is for me season 3 finale is the better one compared to previous two finales in terms of Emotional content. We get to see different dynamics. We get to see a small talk between Barry and Savitar too. Jay garrick who was stuck in speed force prison returns for one final showdown with Savitar.

The Best moments for me from this finale are:

1. The Red Savitar

2. The Fate of Iris and H.R

3. Small Pep. talk between Cisco-Savitar, Barry-Savitar and Iris-Savitar

4. Return of Jay Garrick.

5. That Dialogue of Gypsy Because we are connected Jack-Ass

6. Final moments of Finale which revolve around Speed Force Prison.

On the whole this episode is 3rd best episode in this season for me. Co-incidentally 3rd best episode after Fall-Break too. That one twist regarding Iris i already expected that one after robbery sequence with Captain Cold. I am a happy to see momentum of finale which has not dropped drastically.

P.S: Hi, Julian very Happy to see you again

My Rating for the Finale of Season 3 of The Flash is 4/5

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