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The D-Day Has arrived in the Series, named as INFANTINO STREET a Homage to Carmine Infantino, the DC Comics artist for many of the Flash’s greatest Silver Age adventures.

This Particular episode is second best episode for me this season after the epic musical crossover 'DUET'. This Episode terrifically showcased excellent Team-up between Flash and Captain Cold.

The episode starts with a sober song and ends with series defying moment.

Wentworth miller proved again that for Prison Break style sequences he is apt and perfect choice.

This Week's Best Moments are :

1. The Whole Robbery Sequences.

2. Guest Appearance and references of Arrow and Suicide Squad

3. Earth 2 and Harrison wells.

4. Savitar Extracting information from the Team

5. Barry and Snart team up sequences.

The Team up between flash and snart is worth watching

One thing i am looking forward in the next episode along with Barry and Savitar showdown is the clash of Vibe and Killer Frost.

Savitar Using Philosopher's Stone to stop the speed bazooka is unexpected twist for me.

On the whole this episode constructed an epic way for the final showdown and i am really looking forward for it.

Rating : My Rating for The Flash INFANTINO STREET is 4.5/5

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