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The first teaser trailer of Thor: Ragnarok has arrived. And we can say that this movie might be the weirdest Marvel movie to date. The extravagant costumes, wild makeup, and vibrantly colored ‘80s aesthetic had brilliantly showcased in the Trailer.

Directed by Taika Waititi, Thor: Ragnarok marks the third standalone Marvel movie featuring the Norse god of thunder.

The First thing that connected me with the trailer is it's Visual epicness. Whether showcasing the Destruction of Asgard or Capturing the Battle Arena the movie maintains the epic approach.

Chris Hemsworth looks uber cool in the New Hair do. But the one character that made me to watch the movie ASAP is Hela the goddess of Death( Cate Blanchett at her very best). The scene where she destroys our beloved Mjolnir(#RIPMJOLNIR) gave me creeps in my stomach

Even Mark Ruffalo was captivating in Planet Hulk Costume. Tom hiddleston Consistently maintains the same evil aura as Loki in his Fourth outing.

Over all on the scale of 5 i rate Thor Ragnarok trailer with 4

P.S: This scene from the trailer summarizes how Taika Waititi handled this project. Three Cheers Mr. Waititi

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