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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 20 Review: Carry On

Updated: May 21, 2022

No Spoiler Review

Direction: Robert Singer

Written by: Andrew Dabb.

Starring - Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki.

I came across Supernatural around 2008 in the magazine weekly listings, but I didn't touch it, cause it is under the Horror genre which is a big no-no for me. Sometime near 2014, I think I had watched an episode of Ghostfacers which made me wanted to search about it. When Google showed me it's about 2 brothers hunting supernatural elements. I thought I might give it a try.

So here I am, holding my epic and colossal heartbreak and tears and typing my reaction about the grand finale episode.

Before going into this episode, I was skeptical about the ending. How they are going to end, will it be tragic or happy? Will the Winchester brothers go out guns blazing or live a happy life till the end.

While watching the episode, I felt like I am watching the earlier seasons of Supernatural, right from the camera framing to John's Journal, and the old school style investigation. And even the most heartbreaking moment of the episode just appears from nowhere, which is actually Kripke's style of writing.

Both Jensen and Jared were killed with their performances, especially during the heartbreak scenes. I felt glad that both brothers got their deserved endings. Simple call back to season one is really excellent and unexpected.


  1. Old School investigation,

  2. Miracle and Dean scenes,

  3. Simple callbacks and references,

  4. The ending.

When I read Jensen's Interview about the final scene, and how he felt proud, I felt the same while watching it. I am proud that they carried on this far with their own little show called Supernatural.

For the past 6 years, Supernatural was an integral part of my watching and also learning filmmaking experience. I had found many friends in the due process, it turned me from a shy, awkward guy to a bit confident one. I really thank Eric Kripke for creating Sam and Dean and for the amazing ride by making me experience a tiny part of it as a viewer.

Now Over to Walker and Soldier Boy.

My Rating: *****

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Traci Christian
Traci Christian
Nov 21, 2020

I found this to be a beautiful ending to a beautiful show!!! I am so happy that Dean got his happy ending of Sam, getting married, having a child and growing old, and was so very happy that the brothers were reunited in Heaven!!!! Dean said that would be a happy ending for him, in season 8 episode 14. PERFECT!!!!!

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