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Familiar Faces Return to give closure in the season's finale of The Winchesters

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Direction: John Showalter

Written by: Robbie Thompson

Episode: 113 "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye"

Cast: Drake Rodger, Meg Donnelly, Bianca Kajlich, Jojo Fleites, Nida Khurshid, Tom Welling, and Jensen Ackles

This week's episode which served as the season finale, and the conclusion for the Akrida arc, also included the return of some familiar faces. I had actually asked myself Am I watching Supernatural? multiple times, because the thirteenth episode not only included multiple scenes with Dean Winchester himself, but also unexpected appearances from hunter Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) and Heaven’s new God, Jack (Alexander Calvert).

Fresh from the war, and after attending his friend’s funeral John looks over the list of destinations at the bus station when a mysterious stranger, aka Dean Winchester, hands him the letter from Henry. Bobby reminds Dean they aren’t supposed to intervene but Dean tells him this is, “one last hunt,” and Bobby will be bringing in the cavalry though he doesn’t know how yet.

Using the information gained from the Dean's Journal, Mary and the gang try to summon him, but all they could find is his beloved Baby. Mary uses the Impala to propel the queen straight through a portal and returns with Dean behind the wheel. Dean identifies himself to the gang as a hunter and explains that after his death and going to heaven in the supernatural finale, he started searching through a multiverse about a reality where his parents actually had a chance for a happy ending. He came across the Akrida, which was a fail-safe program initiated by Chuck to wipe out the existence if he fails. Jack shows up along with Bobby and interrupts Dean about interfering. Dean argues with him that he wanted to finish the Akrida before it reaches Sam's reality as he deserves a good, long life.

With Jack's permission to finish what he started, Dean gives John and Mary his journal, then warns Mary to watch out for a yellow-eyed demon, and hands her the Colt. Since Akrida is completely gone, John and Mary, both were ready to choose their destiny, by leaving town together. Dean believes that he may have finally found a version of his parents who had a true shot at happy life.

This episode had made me realise that no one had loved the Supernatural and the Winchesters saga more than Jensen Ackles, I am really glad that he fought for the series and made sure that his idea had become a reality. Watching his portrayal as Dean once again, made me remember how much joy I used to have while watching him almost three years ago. He made sure that everything stayed canon, but also wanted to provide a satisfactory ending for the core supernatural fans. Dean Winchester featured in The Winchesters is the same Dean that died in Supernatural. Mary, John, and all the events that took place in Season 1 happened in an entirely different universe.

I hope they have another chance to continue the story of John and Mary, as The Winchesters is up for renewal once again.

My Rating: 4.5 / 5

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