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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 12 Review: Galaxy Brain

Warning: Spoilers Ahead. Episode Name: 1512 "Galaxy Brain"

Direction: Richard Speight, Jr.

Written By: Meredith Glynn & Robert Berens.

Cast: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Alexander Calvert. Guest: Kim Rhodes, Rob Benedict, Lisa Berry.

Supernatural 1512 Galaxy Brain review

After having a break for the exact 6 weeks, Supernatural is back again. Without wasting much of the run time, We directly get to see Chuck and his exceptional monologue about alternate realities and alternate versions of the Winchesters. He mentions that those versions don't give him the joy as much as the original versions do. He considers creating alternate versions and earth as a mistake. He decides to wipe out their existence.

On the other side Team Free Will 2.0 is back as we get to see before the break that Jack is alive (all thanks to Bille). Few familiar faces Jody, AU Kia too meet the Winchesters. It’s been longer than a season since we have seen Dark Kaia, and even longer since the original one who thought to be dead season 13’s “Wayward Sisters” but both make their appearance in “Galaxy Brain”. The link these doppelgangers experience is predominant as Dark Kaia senses the destruction of her world is happening. Both Sam and Dean save Kia with the timely help of Jack. Since Jack’s return and the news that Billie had a strategy to take Chuck a.k.a God down. Galaxy Brain reveals how it should happen. And it holds to reason that killing God would ruin the cosmic balance. This argument makes sense, particularly when we think about how Chuck never tried killing Amara and instead, imprisoned her. Since Chuck goes on destroying world after world, Team Winchester feels that they have no other choice than to work with Death’s plan.

First of all, I think this episode sets the path for the final stretch of the episodes. Having the darker Kia can be a problem for Chuck if she teams up with Sam and Dean. And I also like the first five minutes of the episode where Chuck delivers a dialogue about his creations, referring them as toys. After delivering an exceptional midseason finale Richard Speight, Jr directed another bang on episode.

Liked :

  1. Kias and their storyline,

  2. Sam and Dean are back on track,

  3. Cas and Jack,

  4. God trying to end alternate versions.

Disliked :

  1. The whole reaper and Jack conversations,

  2. missing badass Jody,

Since Death had revealed that in the end she is gonna reap god too, and it is the Winchester's destiny that they are going to play the crucial part in this play. It makes me anxious that what they had in the store for the series finale.

MY RATING: 3.75/5

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