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Netflix Original Film "When We First Met" Review

Cast : Adam DeVine, Alexandra Daddario, Robbie Amell, Shelley Hennig, Andrew Bachelor.

Written By : John Whittington, Adam DeVine.

Direction : Ari Sandel.

When We First Met a standard rom-com from the director Ari Sandel (his second film after The DUFF) which was boosted by an impressive performance from the actors.

When We First Met is more like the Groundhog Day 2.0, focussing on the lead actor's tussle with his destiny with the help of a time-traveling machine. Noah (Adam Devine) has a deep crush on Avery (Alexandra Daddario), even though she's engaged to Ethan (Robbie Amell), whom she met after friend-zoning Noah. With the help of a magical photo booth at the jazz club which looks like Big’s fortune teller, Noah continuously tries to change his fate by going back to Halloween of 2014 and then to November 1, 2017, to see its effects.

Adam Devine carries the whole movie on his shoulders with perfection. Robbie Amell in his second collaboration with the director shines in the final engagement party scene. It is good to see Alexandra Daddario in such a sweet role after back to back action movies. The biggest positive point of the film is the friend characters of both lead roles, Shelley Hennig and Andrew Bachelor who effectively steers the narration.

The movie largely impresses with its different timeline sequences except one. The jazz club and Photobooth were well written and well shot.

Liked :

1. The Photo Booth Scenes,

2. First 30 mins,

3. The Stalker scene,

4. Final twist.

Disliked :

1. Some timeline sequences,

2. Noah’s friend Max is a bit neglected in the final timeline.

Though the movie follows the formulaic fantasy route, tight narration, and well-executed scenes does the magic. Noah’s journey shows him to take care about not only his own happiness, but also that of Avery, Max, Carrie, and Ethan too.

My Rating : ****

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