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The Flash Mid Season Finale "Don't Run" Review

Warning : Potential Spoilers Ahead. Star Cast : Regular - Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, Hartley Sawyer, Danielle Panabaker, Jesse L. Martin, and Tom Cavanagh. Guest - Neil Sandilands, Kim Engelbrecht, Katie Sackhoff. Direction : Stefan Pleszczynski.

After riding high with epic crossover event "Crisis on Earth X", The Flash continues its exceptional form. This week's Mid Season Finale "Don't Run" is filled with slow thrills and twists. Devoe's immaculate game plan to defeat Barry Allen resembles a perfect game of chess where all his pieces were moved according to plan.

As the night before a nasty storm is calm and cool, the condition of the team Flash too resembles the same. They were having fun after the huge wedding moment, Ralph Dibny (an excellent Hartley Sawyer) returns to Star Labs and started hanging out with Killer Frost and Co. We have a gift opening session with the couple and one of them played a pivotal role at the end.

The best part of this cliffhanger episode is the writing part. The writers had arranged the twists in such a way that they pop up during unexpected moments. Though they were easy to guess a couple of them the final one is the most surprising. This one kick starts the new beginning of the season 4. Neil Sandilands had a complete evolution here from the first episode. From being a lazy and underused to an unstoppable force, he owns this episode.

Liked :

1. Ralph Dibny's antics,

2. Cisco and the break-up Cube,

3. The series defining Cliffhanger,

4. Harry and Catilin's Friendly moments.

Dislike :

1. CGI for the fight sequences,

2. Underusing Katie Sackhoff's Amunet.

Apart from few lows like low-quality VFX and lengthy fight sequence, "Don't Run" finally provides a quintessential platform for The Flash, as it is all set to begin the most teased storyline "The Trial of Flash". To know more about it we have to wait for exactly 41 days.

My Rating :

I am going with a Four out of Five Stars

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