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Top 5 Hits and Misses from the CW's Crossover Crisis On Earth X

Cw had made Crossovers between its shows a regular tradition, as they should appear at least once per season. Starting from the Second Season of Arrow, when Barry first appeared as a nerdy forensic expert. Now this year's epic Crossover "Crisis On Earth X" is by far the huge and most ambitious one when compared to the previous one "Invasion".

Here are the Top 5 Hits and misses from this Gigantic four-part event :

Hits :

5. Sara and Alex's Chemistry :

As the trailer suggested, the Chemistry between Sara and Alex is a treat to watch. Their Bondage over drink and Alex's awkward response in front of Kara to Sara's question about her bottom is hilarious.

4. Unusual Team-Ups :

This Crossover had paved a way for some brilliant and Unusual team-ups in the history of Arrowverse. We have Mick and Caitlin Snow's Fire and Ice pair or Curtis organizing fight plans with Zari and Amaya in Waverider which were delightful to watch. The best unusual pair award goes to the Evil versions of Oliver Queen and Kara who were married on Earth-X.

3. The Evil Doppelgangers :

One of the best things done in this Crossover is the perfection in showcasing the evil versions of our heroes. Especially the Dark Arrow, Overgirl, and Prometheus oozed the hatred and darkness from their sequences. Even the Reverse Flash had his brief moments in the final part.

2. Maintaining the Momentum :

From the Starting moment in Super Girl to final scenes in Legends of Tomorrow, the showrunners maintained the excellent momentum. It was like a 4-hour movie which had 2 big intervals. Each episode is filled with brief moments of fun, action, and thrilling reveals.

1. Jax and Stein :

Killing off a fan favorite character is always tricky. The fans Legends of Tomorrow in season 3 are in a big dilemma about the retirement plan of Professor Martin Stein. The final episode put an end to the speculations by providing a perfect send-off for Victor Garber. The teary moments about the Father-Son relationship between Jefferson and Stein or Catlin quoting about Ronnie while saying her Goodbye at the Funeral were hard hitting. Now I am looking forward to the future of Jax Jefferson in the team without his powers.

Misses :

5. Reverse Flash :

For the first time, Reverse Flash became an Achilles Heel to the show. Bringing him back without a proper reason (He was erased from Timeline by the Black Flash in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2) reduced the excitement. He has nothing to do much except messing around and trying to perform a surgery on Kara. Even his untimed exit from the final part is the nail in the coffin as Barry let him go.

4. Nazis :

The half-baked plot of Nazis can be added to the list of woes faced by the CW. They did not give the Proper conclusion to the Nazi army on Earth X after the death of their bosses Dark Arrow and Overgirl.

3. Too many references and Similarities :

The references to Spiderman, Terminator, and Diehard are a bit excess for me as they keep popping out at the wrong places. Even I find a similar Hawkeye-Ant man shot with Ray Palmer and it was like a turn off for me.

2. Unbearable Felicity Smoak :

Felicity Smoak's subplot is the weakest link in the whole crossover. From yelling on Oliver in the party to Marrying him finally is a terrible snooze fest. Her Doppelganger is probably the worst one after the mime version of Harrison Wells.

1. Jarring Action Choreography :

One of my biggest concern this season's Crossover is the Action Choreography. Though it had a spectacular Chuch fight and an incredible climax fight, the whole Earth X's scenes were underwhelming. The Red Tornado and Barry's clearly depicts the budget and VFX limitations for the show.

Liked :

1. Tommy Merlyn's version of Prometheus,

2. Quentin Lance as the Evil General,

3. Leo and Ray's quirky Romance,

4. Mick's Crush on Killer Frost,

5. Atom Saving Kara,

6. Double Delight with two weddings.

Disliked :

1. Felicity's Doppelganger sudden introduction,

2. Winn's Snarky attitude,

3. Where is Ralph Dibny and Wally West?

With this Crossover event, The CW had scored a home run. It conveniently answered all the issues of individual shows in one stroke. My only question which was left unsolved is the presence of the Mysterious girl in Barry's Wedding. I hope that they will uncover her identity in the coming fall finale.

MY RATING : I am going with 4 out of 5 for this Epic Crossover

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