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Flash Season 4 Premiere Review

Warning: Potential Spoilers ahead.

One Word: Flash is back baby.

I can say that this premiere is not the best, but for 1 hour it provides you an episode filled with light-hearted banter which is actually better than season 3 premise.

In Flash Reborn we find team Flash now became team Iris, with she being the boss and also filing up for Catlin. Kid Flash and Cisco are on street with a low success ratio against metahumans.The presence a Samurai in the city creates a necessity for the team to get Barry out from the Speed Force.

First of all, i loved the funny moments between the Team Iris. The Superhero team up between Vibe and Kid Flash is awesome. Particularly Kid Flash, in this season is not a rookie anymore. The message which was decoded from Barry's blabbering is hilarious.

Thumbs up :

1. First 15 mins, 2. Kid Flash and Cisco, 3. This House is Bitchin 4. The Chase sequence with Samurai.

Thumbs down :

1. The whole Dimensia sequences, 2. Forgettable villain.

Along with Barry, Killer Frost/Catlin Snow too makes it out for reassembling of Team Flash. The one person I really missed is Julian, who went back to London. The episode kickstarts with Iris voiceover describing the previous finale and ends with the introduction of season 4's big baddie.


Definitely a better premiere than Season 3 and I am happy that this show is getting better with each season.

My Rating for the Flash Reborn is 4/5

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