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Finally, the wait worthy moment has been arrived in THE FLASH: I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, where the Flash finally unmasks Savitar.

Before discussing about that particular one in this review, let us have a look on this week’s best moments.

  1. Papa Joe getting advice from Barry to be honest with Cecile.

  2. Pep talk sequences between Cisco and Julian

  3. Man I think I should go n get Flirting classes from H.R. He is classy with Tracey Brand (Anne Dudek The Magicians).

Big Savitar reveal is done without any casualities. This one episode is loads better compared to recent episodes in terms of writing and handling crucial moments.

On the other hand I had some problems with Catlin snow’s Evil intentions and actions as comparing with season 2’s counterpart I liked that one pretty much.

As far as Savitar’s Identity many of them guessed it correctly,

“It’s the Barry himself or Future Barry”. We got some clues about Savitar in previous episodes, where savitar quotes that they were very much alike and he is always one step ahead of Barry.

P.S : The Fight sequence where Killer Frost Glides away using Ice, packs a punch in a very “Incredible” way

My rating for the episode "I Know Who you are" is 3.5/5

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